BELGRADE Winemakers Association

Welcome to Belgrade Viticultular Region

Our region has five appelations
Avala-Kosmaj, Dubona, Grocka, Lazarevac and Smederevo

and 14 wineries

Despotika, Emporio, Gajić, Janko, Janovi vinogradi, Jeremić, Mons Aureus,
Pantić, Plavinac, Plavinci, Srž Milovanović, Tomašević, Trišić and Zorča

How we Work

Discuss & Learn

We meet twice per month to discuss current issues. We learn from guest speakers and visits to sister associations in European countries with long tradition of production of wines with controlled geographical origin.

Suggest & Collaborate

We propose changes in legislation and regulation in close collaboration with the Ministry and other officially recognized Serbian associations of wine producers with protected denomination of origin.

Assist & Control

We provide know-how and services to our members to improve their winemaking and we control the quality of our member’s wine through our own laboratories and inspections.

Some Statistics About Us



Veselin Despotović

Their goal is to promote Serbian culture and winemaking tradition with highest quality wines from the best grapes from their own vineyards. Using knowledge of the past generations combined with modern technology they present to the world the better side of Serbia. Web Site


Aleksandar Stojaković

Serbian pioneer in Champagne method, from Avala-Kosmaj appelation. His bubblies being too expensive for the Serbian market are all exported. Emporio also makes unique still wines. Aleksandar is also an enologist of renown who consults in over 30 wineries in the region.
Web Site


Mladen Gajić

Gajić Cellars are located in the outskirts of Lazarevac, on site of the old vineyard that grew now extint local varieties. Gajić Cellars is one of the newest wineries that applies traditional winemaking techniques. Wine critics have preised the unique aroma of their Tamjanika, Black Tamjanika (Rose of Muskat) and Cabarnet Sauvignon.


Dragan Vasić

One of the oldest and best known Serbian wineries comes from Smederevo appelation. Their claim to fame is returning almost forgotten Serbian variety Smederevka to its former glory. Their best wines have Cyrillic labels and their barrels are from Serbian oak.

Janovi vinogradi

Bojan Vukmirica

An Avala-Kosmaj appelation, Janovi vinogradi is a young winery located in Parcani village, 37 km south of Belgrade. Old village natives testify to terroir giving highest quality grapes here. Our goal is to produce quality wines in small series and return the old glory to the village of parcani.


Slavoljub Jeremić

One of the best respected winaries in Serbia, from Smederevo appelation, situated in Jugovo. Artistic spirit, positive energy and expert team of enologists leave the lasting impression of excellence during every visit. So does every bottle of wine.

Web Site

Mons Aureus

Bojan Janković

Near today’s Smederevo Roman Emperor Probus planted the first vines, which shone like gold on the southern slopes. They named the slopes Mons Aureus – Golden Hills. We are now producing there a powerful red wine, aged in barrique, and amazing Smederevka from old vineyards.


Uroš Pantić

Family Pantić Winery was established in 2014, near Mladenovac on the Kosmaj mountain. We have 5ha of vineyards, 2,5ha of Chardonnay and 2,5ha of Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Winery can produce up to 30.000 litres per year.
Web sajt


Radoslav Radojević

This new winery is situated on the same slopes near Smederevo where famous Obrenović vineyards were located – perhaps the best terroir in Serbia. They are planning 5 labels with 100.000 bottles per year which include some unusual varieties, such as Marselan, Rebo and Ancelota.


Branislav Anđelić

Organic winery from Grocka appelation. Wine is made from resistant varieties Panonia and Regent in extremely small quantities destined for a few exclusive restaurants and for regular customers. Small quantities are occasionaly sold through the web site. Web Sajt

Srž Milovanović

Rodoljub Milovanović

Lazarevac appelation winery is situated on the historic site of the field hospital from the Great War’s Kolubara battle. Access is through an ancient pergola with over 50 unique grape varieties. Superior balance of their wines is a result of ancient techniques and modern technology.


Jasmina Tomašević

Young winery on the Avala mountain edge was born from a passionate love of wine and a desire to serve own wine in their family restaurant Tomy near Šimanovci. We produce golden, fragrant Traminer and ruby-red Gamay. Quantities are very limited.

Web sajt


Momčilo Trišić

New winery in the village of Vranić in Lazarevac appelation, producing 8.000 lit from Chardonnay, Riesling, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and cabarnet Franc. Vineyard was erected on south-eastern hills of Tršić at 200m altitude, on a well-drained soils. Facebook


Zoran Jovanović

Small winery on the sunny hills near Lazarevac. It makes wines from its own grapes Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, using traditional methods and modern technology. Zorča winery aims to provide experience of enjoying wine in great surroundings. Google+

Udruženje proizvođača vina sa oznakom geografskog porekla “Beograd”,

Avalska 308, Ripanj,

11232 Beograd-Voždovac,


Aleksandar Stojaković, President